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We meet Mondays 7:00 to 8:30pm

Brea Lions Scout Center, Brea CA

Welcome from the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair With Brea Boy Scout Troop 801, fun outdoor adventures are always in the making! On these adventures you will learn valuable life and leadership skills. Troop 801 is a place to make lifelong friends while you are making lifelong memories. We offer more outings than any other troop in our district – here are some of what we are planning for the upcoming year: Kayaking, Deep Sea Fishing, Skiing/Snowboarding, Archery, Shotgun, Riflery, Canoeing, Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Family Camp, Summer Camp, Outdoor Cooking, and much, much more. We meet weekly on Monday evenings at 7:00pm at the Brea Lions Scout Center (click here for map). Feel free to stop by and visit our troop meetings on any Monday Night. We are always eager to meet families interested in starting their Boy Scout journey! What a great journey it has been for our boys!




Annual E-Waste Fundraising Event

Posted on Dec 10 2017 - 9:43pm

This year's E-waste Fundraising Event is scheduled for Saturday, Jan 20th at the Brea Lions Scout Center. There will be 3 shifts available for sign up, 8:30-11AM, 10:30-1PM and 12:30-3PM. Duties include unloading donors cars and stacking items on pallets. There will also be a sign crew at the corner of Brea Blvd. Proceeds go to the Troop General Fund. It is a fun event and all Scouts are asked to sign up for at least (1) shift. Signups are in the calendar section here:

Meeting plans 12/11/17

Posted on Dec 8 2017 - 4:42pm

Below is the following meeting's plans


Meeting Plans 12/4/17

Posted on Dec 3 2017 - 11:19am

Below are the meeting plan for the upcomming monday


December Treasurer’s Report

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 8:18pm
This month’s report is a couple days early, but I have a lot to share with you.  It contains information regarding the following items:
  • December’s COPE Campout
  • 2018 Dues
  • Summer Camp 2018
  • Philmont 2018
  • Re-registration
  • New troop equipment!

December COPE Campout

  It’s not too late to sign up for December’s campout taking place at Yorba Linda’s Featherly Regional Park.  Younger scouts will work on activities to help with rank advancement while older scouts will teach using the EDGE method.  The fun continues with teambuilding at the COPE course which includes climbing walls and zip-lines.  Prospective new scouts from packs across North Orange County will join the group for dinner and a night of camping.  The campout takes place December 8 through 10, and costs $45 per person.  Sign-up at the website by Sunday the 3rd.  Payment is due Monday.

2018 Dues

  One of the points of the Scout Law is that a scout is thrifty.  When it comes to money, a scout will need to decide what is important to them, and spend their hard-earned money accordingly. The Personal Management Merit Badge expands on this concept of being thrifty though requirements to create a budget and spend money wisely.  So, with an emphasis on personal management, we are changing how we collect troop dues.  

  Dues will now be collected monthly and no longer be collected by the Treasurer.  Instead, scouts will be responsible for paying their dues and collecting dues.  Our troop is scout led and scout run, so it only makes sense for them to manage this collection.  Monthly dues will be collected at the first meeting of the month.  If your scout is wearing their Field Uniform to the troop meeting, please give them a reminder about their dues.  Dues will decrease to $13/month, and the committee and PLC will re-evaluate this new practice after six months.  

  Now, how your scout gets their money to pay their dues is a family decision, but it gives you an opportunity to discuss your family’s budget with your scout.  We encourage you to create a plan with your scout so they earn their own money and pay their own dues.

  We understand that this change may be burdensome to some with the addition of writing more checks, the thought of losing cash, and the added responsibility placed on your scout, but as parents we need to stop and change our perspective, and view this experience though their eyes.  As an adult, we have many years of experience managing our money, and we have become very efficient at handling it.  For the scout, this may be their first experience managing their own money, and they may enjoy the added responsibility and independence.  

Summer Camp 2018

  Emerald Bay on Catalina Island is our 2018 summer camp destination.  It will take place July 29 though August 4.  The estimated cost per scout is $750 which includes transportation and $50 camp cash.  Scouts can participate at The New Year’s Day and Camporee card sales fundraisers to earn money for summer camp.  Adult cost is $550. Our reservation is limited to 22 scout and 5 adults, so sign-up online now to get a spot.  $100 is due Monday. Because of the cost and reservation fees, we have a payment schedule for this outing:

  • Dec 4 - $100 scout & adult
  • Jan 8 - $100 scout & adult
  • Feb 5 - $100 scout & adult
  • Mar 5 - $100 scout & adult
  • Apr 2 - $100 scout & adult
  • May 7 - $100 scout / $50 adult
  • Jun 4 - $100 scout
  • Jul 2 - $50 scout 

Philmont 2018

  Our HAT backpackers will trek 12 days across New Mexico in July 2018.  If you want to go, there are 3 spots still remaining.  The cost is approximately $1250. $200 is due Monday. Because of the cost and reservation fees, we have a payment schedule for this outing:

  • Oct 2 - $200
  • Nov 6 - $200
  • Dec 4 - $200
  • Feb 5 - $200
  • Mar 5 - $200
  • Apr 2 - $100
  • May 7 - $100
  • Jun 4 - $61 


 Thank you to all for helping get BSA re-registration 2018 done by the end of November.  Your $33 payment is used by BSA to purchase the group general liability insurance policy which protects your family while participating on scouting activities.  This year we had 45 scouts and 46 adults re-register. 

New troop equipment

  I am excited to share the news with you that the troop has invested in new equipment for your scouts.  Keeping with this month’s theme of thrifty, Mr. Maciel has purchased new equipment at a deep discount using Black Friday sales.  We have added ten 2-person and eight 3-person tents, four coolers, and a large 2-burnner stove with griddle.  Also, Mr. Long created a new patrol box prototype last month, and with modifications, he is now building a redesigned box.  $2,900 was spent used money from troop dues for these items. 

11/27/17 meeting plans

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 4:41pm

Below is the plan for the upcoming meeting

November Treasurer’s Report

Posted on Nov 4 2017 - 12:38pm

This past week I have sent a number of emails to families with overdue payments.  If you did not receive an email, congratulations, you are current with all your payments or have a credit in your account.  A number of scouts still have not paid their 4th quarter dues.  Please see me at Monday’s troop meeting to review your account.

Brea Troop 801

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